Budding Botanist

When Chani Maskevitch, a LifeChanger FSU coordinator, first met Yitzchak, he would not smile or hold a conversation with her. He was so shy and introverted that she was unable to get through to him.

Yitzchak’s parents struggled to earn a living and spent the whole day away from home, leaving Yitzchak in charge of his little sister. He would come home to an empty house, with no loving support and no one who had the time to understand his challenges at school. Because Yitzchak was so shy, he would get bullied at school. The children did not understand why he was so quiet and would tease him mercilessly. 

With an ever-present hunch in his shoulders, Yitzchak would trudge to school, taking his sister to her class before slowly making his way to his own. He dreaded the school day, which was bound to be filled with hurtful and shameful experiences.

Yitzchak would gaze out of the window and watch the passing of the seasons. He loved watching the leaves change colors and slowly fall off of the branches in autumn. He smiled quietly at the small green shoots that would emerge from the frozen earth in early spring. He would lose himself in the world outside, tuning out the turmoil of his school and family life.

With time and support, Yitzchak began to open up and Chani discovered his love and passion for all things that grow. He could tell her more about the life cycle of plants than most adults would know. Chani, seeing his eyes light up with joy, understood that this was where he could shine.

Yitzchak began to study botany through LifeChanger FSU and was given the basic tools to start growing plants of his own. He was a quick study and soon became well versed and proficient in his passion. He began teaching his fellow classmates about botany and they started to respect him. The bullying petered out and Yitzchak’s self-confidence grew. He began to grow specialized grass for rabbits and cats and sold it to local pet shops. Yitzchak had found his passion, and with it, he began to make friends and feel competent and capable. 

Yitzchak and his family have recently immigrated to Israel. LifeChanger FSU wishes Yitzchak all the best. Who knows, maybe a childhood hobby will lead to a successful business one day?

LifeChanger FSU personalizes their interventions and support to each individual child. Yitzchak needed help in uncovering his passion and guidance in turning it into a successful hobby. With your support, more children like Yitzchak can grow up in a positive environment and uncover their individuality.