Desperately in need of Hearing Aids

In the sixth month of her pregnancy, Lera’s mother gave birth to a tiny little girl. Born very prematurely, Lera was a sickly and weak baby whose development lagged significantly behind her peers.

Lera struggled to achieve milestones that other children achieved easily and carelessly. Her parents supported her and encouraged her constantly. Lera was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss at a young age. Her mother dedicated herself to helping Lera learn to speak and communicate despite her disability. With her parent’s help and with the help of hearing aids, Lera was able to learn to speak legibly and clearly. It is not obvious that she has hearing loss from the way she speaks.

Lera is a feisty and determined girl who performs in theater and has won many awards and merit certificates, all that proudly line the walls of her bedroom.

The hearing aids that Lera has are seven years old. They were purchased for her by donors and have significantly improved her quality of life. Without them she would have been living in silence, hearing very little of the world around her. Those hearing aids are outdated and no longer fit her. She needs a new pair desperately.

Lera’s parents deeply regret that they cannot afford to supply their daughter with her most important need. They earn minimum wage incomes and the exorbitant fee of $1,440-$3,040 per hearing aid is not something that they can afford. Without hearing aids, Lena has a hearing loss of 70% in one ear and 56% in the other. She will lose her language skills and have to learn to communicate using sign language. It will severely impact her functioning and performing as well as her self esteem.

Lera needs your help to continue to develop and grow up in a healthy and happy way. With hearing aids, Lera will be able to function fully in society. With her parents love and support she will go far in life, with your support in helping her purchase hearing aids, she will have the tools to do so. Lera and her parents beg of you from the bottom of their hearts, please help Lera hear!

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