From Depression to Confidence

Veronica walked slowly to school, her shoulders were slumped and her feet kicked at pebbles along the road. She knew what awaited her when she arrived; the mean bullying girls, the giggles behind hands, sideways glances thrown her way… She didn’t understand what she had done to deserve this sort of treatment. Why did she not have any friends, why were the other girls so mean?

She spent the long school day trying to make herself invisible. She barely heard the teacher’s words, she just sat there very still, very quiet, and feeling very sad and alone.

After school she walked home, entering her house, she heard her baby brother’s cries. She slunk off to a quiet corner and sat there taking deep breaths. She stifled her tears, feeling lonelier than ever.

Veronica’s parents barely noticed her. The baby was so demanding and keeping up with the house and job was more than enough for them. They spent their time getting things done, often running on very little sleep.

Veronica sank deeper and deeper into depression. She had forgotten what it was like to feel happy and energized.

By the time her parents realized that there was a problem, she was barely reachable.

LifeChanger FSU saved Veronica from the deep chasm she had sunk into. They realized that the school she was at was not the right place for her and advised her parents to switch her to another school. She walked into her new school and saw a room full of smiling and welcoming faces. That was the first and most vital step to her rehabilitation.

Veronica and her mother began attending therapy, which targeted her depression and anxiety. She started to feel more confident and sure of herself.

Veronica began attending classes at the SmartJ educational program, where she met other children her age and started learning things that interested her.

Veronica’s mother stands by the door waving goodbye as Veronica skips to school. She wants to get there early to chat with her new friends. She feels nervous and the sadness comes up now and then, but she is quickly able to apply the techniques that her therapist taught her; focusing on the positive and thinking about things that make her feel safe and happy.

LifeChanger FSU changed Veronica’s life. She is a confident girl who loves to learn and play with her friends and her  family is more attentive and aware of her needs.