From Despair to Israel

“Mama! Mama!” cried Daniel as his grandmother put him to bed. His heart ached for his mother, who had been there for him every day of his life until recently. He couldn’t understand what it meant to be temporarily separated. Life without her was misery. 

Daniel’s mother became pregnant in her teenage years. Having a baby at such a young age was very difficult for her. It forced her to leave school and care for the baby. Without education and with a young baby, she had a very hard time finding a job. 

Daniel’s young parents struggled to make ends meet. The stress of their financial situation was often too much for the couple and they would argue and disagree frequently. Daniel’s mother decided to separate from her husband temporarily and to move to Israel with her little boy to try her luck at finding employment and financial stability there. 

Without the funds to apply for a visa and to buy tickets, Daniel’s mother relied on the kindness of the LifeChanger FSU. Being so young herself, the LifeChanger FSU coordinator took her under her wing and supported her in her decisions to change their lives for the better. With LifeChanger FSU’s help, Daniel and his mother were able to make the big move to Israel. They moved in with distant relatives and Daniel’s mother started looking for work. 

It didn’t take long for her to realize that she had no chance of succeeding in finding work while taking care of Daniel. Daniel flew back to Ukraine and moved in with his grandmother. The impact on his little heart was too much for the family to bear. He cried for his mother constantly and was not easily consoled. The grandmother, whose life was not easy at all, and who still had young children of her own to care for, struggled to provide for little Daniel. 

LifeChanger FSU stepped up to the plate once more. The grandmother began receiving food packages and clothing coupons for Daniel and for all of the other children, and emotional support to help her get through that challenging time. 

“Every time we began to feel like we were unable to cope any longer, the kind coordinators from LifeChanger FSU came into our lives and provided us with physical and emotional support,” said Daniel’s mother, “without LifeChanger FSU we would not be where we are today” 

Daniel’s mother studied Hebrew, got a job and became stable in her new life in Israel. With stability came a more positive outlook on life. She reconnected with her husband and decided to bring their young family back together again. 

Soon enough, Daniel and his father came to join his mother in Israel. Today they are thriving in their new home country which is filled with new opportunities. Daniel began attending preschool and returns home every day singing songs in Hebrew. They are feeling happy and positive about their decisions and look towards the future with hope.