Haunted by Nightmares

In the darkest hours of the night, when fears grow large and reality blends easily with imagination, Alex would hear his parents arguing. The anger and the tension were incessant. Alex’s vivid imagination drew horrific scenes and he would often sit on his floor mattress sweating and trembling in fear.

He had a hard time focusing in school after his nightmare filled nights. He developed heart palpitations and severe anxiety.

His parents marriage finally fell apart and a divorce process began. The fights now involved him, he would hear his parents arguing loudly and his name would come up as a bargaining chip. His newest nightmares were filled with images of himself being abandoned by both his parents, he had never felt more alone or afraid in his life.

His heart palpitations developed into a serious heart condition, paired with a neurological condition caused by his anxiety.

“I never intended for our martial challenges to affect my only son,” sobbed Alex’s mother when the young teenager was finally rushed to the emergency room, “he is all that I have left.”

This is when LifeChanger FSU stepped into his life, bringing hope and support in its wake.

Alex’s parents were both offered counseling on how to be better parents to their only son, how to work out their personal issues and to work together in harmony.

Alex went to see a neurologist and a cardiologist and received a proper diagnosis of his medical and mental conditions. He started seeing a tutor who is helping him catch up in his school work, particularly focusing on his English skills.

“I have a dream of going abroad to study,” Alex confessed to the LifeChanger FSU coordinator, “I want to see the world and experience different cultures, people and languages.”

LifeChanger FSU sees the tremendous potential that Alex has. He is intelligent, kind, outgoing and creative. “He will go far in life if he is only given the opportunity,” said the coordinator who has gotten to know Alex well.

LifeChanger FSU wants to give Alex the tools that he needs to be healthy, happy, educated and to, eventually, fulfil his dreams. Alex needs extensive therapy and medical care to overcome his health challenges. His mother, who is on a much better path now, is supportive of him and will do all that she can to help him succeed. LifeChanger FSU needs your support to provide Alex with the help that he needs to grow, heal, achieve and succeed.