Living on a High Note

Violeta Mudritskaya, 14
Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Dilapidated and drafty, some would say that Violeta’s home in the city of Vinnitsa was not suitable for human habitation, and yet she lived there with her parents and older brother.  Though he tried diligently, Violeta’s father was unable to find work that could adequately support the family, and her mother’s extreme nearsightedness precluded her from even entering the workforce.  Still, no matter how troubling the family’s living situation became, it was the least of Violeta’s worries.

For years, Violeta had been verbally and physically abused by her older brother, causing her to retreat into herself, suffering in silence without counseling, treatment or support.  When her parents finally became aware of their son’s violent and abusive behavior, they sent him away to another country hoping that it would allow Violeta to begin the healing process.  But the damage was done, and Violeta’s suffering continued.

To make matters worse, Violeta’s mother, Ksenia, became overprotective of her daughter, never allowing Violeta out of her sight, caging her in just when she needed to learn how to spread her wings and become independent.

When LifeChanger FSU was brought in to help, the local coordinator outlined a plan to mend the broken family. To help Violeta recover from her trauma and allow Ksenia move beyond her guilt, they both began meeting with a psychologist regularly.  LifeChanger FSU also offered the family financial support and provided Violeta with new, fashionable clothing that boosted her self-esteem.

The LifeChanger FSU coordinator also discovered that Violeta had untapped musical talent and arranged for her to begin taking piano lessons.  With an ear for music and a beautiful signing voice, Violeta is a natural, and is progressing very quickly.  Music has become a powerful therapeutic tool for Violeta, allowing her express herself artistically and conquer her trauma.

Free of her demons, Violeta has begun to venture outside her home and is making friends with children her age.  She joined the local branch of a Jewish youth group and continues to try new things, including performing at public piano recitals.  Violeta receives a standing ovation at the end of every performance, and Ksenia, always seated in the front row, provides the loudest and longest applause.

With a song in her heart and a spring in her step, Violeta has truly begun to heal.