Sasha was raised by both his mother and grandmother. However, in one single moment, his childhood happiness was destroyed. His mother was thrown into prison. Let out and then imprisoned again… And again… His elderly grandmother was incapable of raising her grandson alone.

Sasha waited. His Mother finally returned, but life was no longer calm. In an effort to escape such difficult circumstances, Sasha left home to live on the streets, like a stray, wandering through the courtyards and doorways together with other lonely children like him.

After a while, Sasha was enrolled in a boarding school, but even there he didn’t feel wanted. He wanted a cozy home, a warm hug, somewhere not scary.

When LifeChanger FSU’s coordinator, Chaya Ruth Dromenko, met Sasha – she was immediately struck by his bright, radiant smile. This child whose entire life consisted of worries somehow retained an inner light in his eyes that shone with hope.

LifeChanger FSU sent Sasha to the “Alumim Jewish Children’s center, so he could stay in a safe and positive environment, among qualified teachers and friends. Slowly, he began to unfold. His fear of the unknown “tomorrow” gradually disappeared.

LifeChanger FSU’s coordinator in Zhitomir treated Sasha to a special summer camp. He found friends and learned how a happy childhood feels. Sasha has a long rehabilitation ahead of him; full medical exams, meetings with a psychologist, private tutoring with teachers to improve his performance, and much more. The boy is learning to be a happy child once again.

Our task is to protect Sasha from a dangerous environment, help him see a different happier world, make him an unforgettable Bar Mitzvah, and introduce him to youth projects made especially for children like him.

Only thanks to your support, are we be able to give Sasha a chance for a happy future and help him to never lose hope. Thank you.