The Gift of Speech

Kira is a bright little girl. Her smile lights up a room and her bright blue eyes shine with joy. Kira’s mother loves her little girl, she is the apple of her eye. She began to notice that Kira was not speaking when she was two years old. She worried that something was wrong, but didn’t have the means to do anything about it.

When Kira entered preschool at three years old, Kira’s mother was able to compare her with her peers. Kira’s mother, along with her teacher, noticed a significant delay in speech. Kira tried to speak, but the words came out slurred and unintelligible. This would frustrate Kira and her sweet little face would crumple up with upset and frustration.

Kira’s mother turned to LifeChanger FSU in desperation. “Please help my little girl speak,” she cried. All she wanted was for Kira to have the best start in life and her worry and sorrow about not being able to help her daughter upset her to no end. The warmth that she received from the LifeChanger staff made her feel right at home. She saw the caring in the eyes of the coordinator who assured her that they would be there for her and her daughter.

Kira was diagnosed with weak muscles in her tongue and palate. Intensive speech therapy was needed for her to strengthen her muscles and learn to speak. Such treatment is difficult to come by in Ukraine and good care comes at a high cost. With the help of LifeChanger FSU, Kira has been seeing a speech therapist for several months now.

The joy on the face of the little girl and her mother when they have little chats between just the two of them is a sight to behold. They whisper words of connection and love to one another, finally being able to communicate in a way that would not have been possible without the care and support of LifeChanger FSU.