The Twelve Year Old Nanny

Masha is a happy and bright child who is quick to grasp anything she is taught. She is sweet, thoughtful and has a winning smile. Anyone who meets her is enamored. Classmates who spend school days laughing and joking with Masha often invite her to their homes after school, she declines with an excuse and averts her eyes so they will not see the sadness that fills them.

Masha would love to spend her afternoons playing with friends and enjoying her childhood, but responsibility hangs like a shackle around her neck and drags her home every afternoon to keep an eye on her older sister.

The youngest of four children, Masha is three years younger than her sister who has developmental disabilities. Her sister stays home and Masha’s mother relies on Masha to spend her after-school hours with her sister. Masha has even spent time with the speech therapist learning various exercises and techniques to use that could help her sister’s development.

Several years ago, Masha and her siblings watched their father die suddenly and tragically in front of them. They were all deeply traumatized by it and need psychological care to help them process the fear and despair that fills their young hearts and minds.

LifeChanger FSU has provided Masha with tutoring help, which has helped her advance in her studies, particularly in English.

LifeChanger FSU wants to help Masha by providing afternoon care for her sister so that she is free to spend time socially and at youth groups. By providing help as well as transportation to and from the groups, Masha will be able to socialize and enjoy her childhood.

Masha, along with her siblings, need psychological care to help them deal with their trauma from losing their father.

With the support of our contributors, we hope to help Masha and her siblings have a more wholesome childhood, free of trauma and filled with friends, fun, and happy memories.