Two Lovely Daughters

Leah and Sophia were happy little girls who played, laughed, made friends easily and enjoyed life. That is, until their mother became sick with cancer. Her illness brought their happy-go-lucky childhood to a grinding halt. They watched their mother grow sicker and sicker and their sadness and fear of loss became overwhelming. They stopped laughing and playing, they became withdrawn and filled with fear.

Their beloved mother, who used to hum softly to herself as she cooked delicious smelling food, now lay in bed, too weak to even do basic household chores. They used to come home to a warm hug and a delicious meal, now they came home to a quiet house where they had to find themselves something to eat. Often there was very little food for them to find.

LifeChanger FSU entered their lives and filled them with hope.

Their mother was seen by expert doctors and began receiving the treatments that she so desperately needed. The coordinator gave the girls support, encouraging them and supporting them through their sadness and fear.

She introduced them to the Jewish community, and they started attending youth groups and programming. They started to open up their minds and hearts, finding support and friendship in the community.

Their mother began making strides towards a complete recovery. They watched as the color returned to her cheeks as she started to find more energy and joy in life. Before long, she made a complete recovery.

Sophia and Leah are now youth activists in the community. They take part in youth activities and programs. Recently they visited Israel on a Bar and Bat Mitzvah trip and were deeply inspired. They enjoyed the beauty, history, and culture in Israel and returned home glowing and bursting with stories.

The LifeChanger FSU team watches fondly as the girls grow and heal from their traumatic childhood experience. Their mother smiles happily, grateful to G-d that she is healthy once again and is able to watch her beautiful daughters growing up, once again carefree.