Ilya Kulchinsky

5 age

Ilya (5) lives with his grandparents and mother. His Mother has schizophrenia and contact with her is limited by his grandparents. His aging grandparents raise him and are very well-meaning but the burden is taking its toll on their physical and mental health.

The atmosphere at home is tense and unstable. Arguing and shouting of abuse between the grandparents and Ilya’s schizophrenic mother is too common and as a result Ilya tends to act-out. Ilya’s speech is delayed and his behavior aggressive and oppositional.

In addition, Ilya was born with webbed toes on one foot and needs surgery to relieve the physical and psychological discomfort associated with the disorder.

According to LifeChanger FSU professionals, Ilya needs:
Urgent surgery on his foot
Intensive speech therapy

One-year of treatment:
Foot surgery – $215
Monthly classes with a speech therapist – $ 1000

To change Ilya’s life, he needs: $1,215