12 age

Sonya was born as a perfectly healthy child, but at the age of three, she experienced such a serious trauma that her psyche was unable to cope – the girl’s development froze and she became stuck at the intellectual and emotional level of a toddler.

Neglect and, therefore, the absence of any educational attention and specialist’ help practically left Sonya no chances to progress.

At LifeChanger FSU Sonya has finally undergone a proper diagnostics process that showed she has a high level of IQ, and a good potential for learning and development.

Now, finally, Sonya has a chance to catch up to her peers. But in order to make it Sonya needs to undergo an intensive rehabilitation course, while time is short.

Sonya needs therapy sessions with a psychologist and corrective pedagogue, medical treatment, therapeutic sports lessons.

You can help Sonya regain her life now, while there is still a chance.

Cost of monthly rehabilitation course – 8,500 grivnas = $305