Our children

From Depression to Confidence

Veronica walked slowly to school, her shoulders were slumped and her feet kicked at pebbles along the road. She knew what awaited her when she arrived; the mean bullying girls, the giggles behind hands, sideways glances thrown her way… She didn’t understand what she had done to deserve this sort of treatment. Why did she not have any friends, why were the other girls so mean?
Healing the Burn

2 years

Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Daniel is a sweet toddler. He flashes a toothy grin with smiling brown eyes when he greets you, no matter if you are someone he knows, or are a new friend. He has his devoted mother wrapped around his little finger, she plays with him, sings to him and helps him discover the beauty of the world around him.
Never Stop Dreaming

13 years

They were so poor that the children didn’t know what it meant to have toys. They lived so remotely that their world consisted of an abandoned courtyard and dusty streets. Friends were few and far between, there were no neighborhood children to play with. 
The Gift of Speech

3 years


Kira is a bright little girl. Her smile lights up a room and her bright blue eyes shine with joy. Kira’s mother loves her little girl, she is the apple of her eye. She began to notice that Kira was not speaking when she was two years old. She worried that something was wrong, but didn’t have the means to do anything about it.
Two Lovely Daughters

Leah and Sophia were happy little girls who played, laughed, made friends easily and enjoyed life. That is, until their mother became sick with cancer. Her illness brought their happy-go-lucky childhood to a grinding halt. They watched their mother grow sicker and sicker and their sadness and fear of loss became overwhelming. They stopped laughing and playing, they became withdrawn and filled with fear. 
Dancing with Joy

6 years


She was five years old when she began to notice the snickering and strange looks that she got while walking around. Her classmates began teasing her about her funny eyes and she started to realize that she didn’t look like everyone else.