Our children

The Gift of Speech

3 years


Kira is a bright little girl. Her smile lights up a room and her bright blue eyes shine with joy. Kira’s mother loves her little girl, she is the apple of her eye. She began to notice that Kira was not speaking when she was two years old. She worried that something was wrong, but didn’t have the means to do anything about it.
Two Lovely Daughters


Leah and Sophia were happy little girls who played, laughed, made friends easily and enjoyed life. That is, until their mother became sick with cancer. Her illness brought their happy-go-lucky childhood to a grinding halt. They watched their mother grow sicker and sicker and their sadness and fear of loss became overwhelming. They stopped laughing and playing, they became withdrawn and filled with fear. 
Dancing with Joy

6 years


She was five years old when she began to notice the snickering and strange looks that she got while walking around. Her classmates began teasing her about her funny eyes and she started to realize that she didn’t look like everyone else.
From Despair to Israel

4 years

Cherkasy, Ukraine

“Mama! Mama!” cried Daniel as his grandmother put him to bed. His heart ached for his mother, who had been there for him every day of his life until recently. He couldn’t understand what it meant to be temporarily separated. Life without her was misery. 
Finding his Voice

8 years

At six years old, Semyon was non-verbal. He would grunt and point and make other basic sounds to express his needs. The inability to express himself meant that he did not have any friends and that he spent a lot of his time feeling frustrated. Frustration is a debilitating emotion. It causes the one feeling it have a sense of being trapped or confined. Semyon felt trapped by his limitations and therefore would often cry or shout and was rarely happy.
To Grow with Love


Sophia has thrived for the past few years under the love and support of LifeChanger FSU. Her unique set of challenges have not deterred her and she is a happy little girl. Here is her story, a heartwarming example of how LifeChanger FSU can make impactful and lasting change in the lives of those who would otherwise have no hope.