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It is hard to imagine how people who were forced to leave their homes by the danger of death feel. And if you are no longer at home, it is impossible to convey this pain in words. A large number of families in Ukraine found themselves in such a situation. Mothers with children, the elderly are saving lives, and many do not know if they will have a place to return to.

LifeChanger helps to organize a temporary stay in the camp for those who have left home; provides information support on border crossing and repatriation.

Purchasing medications today is a big problem in many regions of Ukraine. But children do not stop getting sick, and chronic diseases often can not wait. We are developing the direction of supporting the population with medications. If the situation in the geographical spot allows, we help families with the purchase and delivery of the necessary.

We cannot return destroyed homes and alleviate emotional pain. But we are doing everything possible to support the citizens of Ukraine in these terrible days.

In many areas where LifeChanger operates, people address the need for essentials. We provide humanitarian support to the population of Ukraine in need.

If families are unable to use food certificates, project coordinators and volunteers deliver food home. Together we help children and adults to survive this terrible period.

Today, support is the most important tool of help for all the residents of Ukraine who find themselves in a terrible situation.

Often, after the events they came through, people are in a difficult psychological state. LifeChanger helps everyone overcome this difficult emotional state.

Personal stories of people we helped
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Support and rescue of Jewish families in difficult life situations
Ірина Чорнобривець, керівник проекту

Більше 5 років благодійний проект Life Changer допомагає єврейським сім'ям України, які опинилися в кризовій ситуації. Сьогодні непросто всім нам, але серед нас є ті, хто особливо потребує підтримки і захисту. Хто заслуговує успішного майбутнього.

Ми надаємо психологічну, соціальну та медичну допомогу. Команда професіоналів супроводжує кожного учасника проекту, розробляє індивідуальний план виходу з кризи.

Life Changer in numbers:
Saved lives weekly.
Millions of Ukrainian citizens are on the verge of life and death. Among them are thousands of children, women and the elderly. Every day they are in danger. Some ran out of food, some lost their homes, and many were forced to leave their homes to save their children's lives. They all need help in these terrible times.
Years of experience.
Since November 2015, the project has been helping Jewish children throughout Ukraine. Each project participant receives individual social support from the coordinator in their city or region. Thanks to a wide partner network, the best specialists from Ukraine and abroad provide highly qualified assistance to children.
35 cities
Every day families from 35 cities and towns receive different types of assistance.
Each of them is assigned a coordinator or social worker with a team of specialists who provide services necessary for this specific family. The project operates throughout Ukraine
These are the realities in which hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens live today. The peaceful lives of these people broke into pieces between air raids and the sounds of explosions. The only way to avoid despair and fear is to be taken care of by not indifferent ones.

LifeChanger supports families wherever possible. We provide the population with food certificates, food kits and medications. Each visit of our coordinators to the family is a story of great hope for a better future for all of us.
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